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Abakus Student Association represents the MSc students of Computer Science and Communication Technology at NTNU. Abakus is working to connect students with relevant companies. We strive to give our students the best starting point in their search for the ideal employer. We do this by arranging company presentations, academic presentations within a corporate technological field, facilitating for interviews and posting employment advertisements.

Company Presentation

Abakus' Company Committee organizes corporate presentations where companies have a unique opportunity to connect with our students. During a presentation the business will present themselves, what services they provide, how they work or other relevant topics. We have a list of the most attractive attributes of an employer among our students, which can be used in the planning process to decide what content and which messages to communicate to our students. After the presentation, it is common that students and the company representatives gather at a restaurant in town or at NTNU for dining and mingling. We are also working with other student associations at NTNU, which allows us to organize presentations across the different studies.

Academic Presentation

Abakus' Academic Committee organizes courses, workshops and other types of academic presentations. The courses should contain technological topics, and be held by the company on areas where they have expertise. This gives the company the opportunity to share their knowledge and showcase their priority areas. During the course the company has five minutes to present themselves, job opportunities or other things that may be desired. Dining during or after the course is recommended for this type of presentation. This will be an opportunity for both academic discussions and casual conversation between the students and the company representatives.

Other profiling

Abakus can assist with promotion of events, job announcements and more. Using our advertisement package we will spread information with email, posters, and our webpage It is also possible to post advertisements in readme, the student newspaper for Abakus. For more information, please contact

If you have any questions or want to know more about Abakus, please don’t hesitate to contact our business contact at

We would love to hear from you. If this sounds interesting, please register at (non-binding).