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Summer job - AI- and vision-based robotic manipulation

Do you want to work with AI, robot vision and robotic manipulation in the same assignment as a ‘summer’ young scientist at SINTEF? Well, within the Smartchain project, at SINTEF Ocean, you can do all of that. We are looking for an outstanding candidate in the 4th year of MSc studies who is interested in computer/robot vision, AI and robotics. The candidates that have taken courses in computer vision/visual computing, AI, and/or robotics will be given priority. Given a Panda 7DoF robot arm and an RGB-D camera (example Intel RealSense) the following tasks are envisaged for this position:

  • Set up the robot arm and the RGB-D camera(s) in the respective robot configuration. 
  • Implement segmentation of objects to be manipulated with the robot arm both in RGB-D space and point cloud space and extract necessary features.
  • Robotic non-prehensile manipulation of the sliding objects from the initial location to the goal location.
  • Validation of the method in the lab using relevant objects.

Regarding robot control, the candidate will rely on the code base we have from other projects in our group, but some modifications are to be expected specifically tailored to the assignment. Regarding the suitable gripper tool, you will have access to a suitable gripper tool to manipulate the objects. 

Excellent candidates with background, for example, from Computer Science and AI (NTNU IDI) or Robotics (NTNU Cybernetics) are an example of relevant candidates, but we encourage all qualified candidates to apply. 

Required qualifications: 

  • Excellent knowledge in computer vision and AI
  • Excellent programming skills in Python/C++

Desired qualifications:

  • Experience with simulated or physical robots

How to apply:

  • Required documents are grade transcripts and CV. 
  • Desired documents are any relevant document that can enhance you application for example code repository (documenting your code skills), previous project assignments reports etc.

It is possible and favorable that the work continues as a MSc thesis for the 5th year study. In that case the student will sign a MSc-contract with SINTEF, since the work is a part of a SINTEF-led project.  

Working place: MAROlab, SINTEF Ocean Duration: Six weeks Application deadline: 1st of April 2023. Supervisor: Ekrem Misimi, Senior scientist, SINTEF Ocean

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