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Bedpres med Funcom



Are you a player? Join our 80+ strong team of game programmers!

Funcom is the oldest and biggest computer games company in Norway, with 30 years and more than 25 titles published. We would love to meet you Monday 20th March at Gløshaugen!

With our upcoming title Dune: Awakening, we are opening the doors to a world that brings Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece to life in a completely unique way. Dune is currently our biggest project, but we’re very proud to share stories from Conan Exiles and Metal Hellsinger!

The games industry is strong. Growing by 10-12% each year and touching the lives of some 3 billion gamers. In 2022 the global market value was estimated at USD 220B.

Funcom has been here since the early days of massively multiplayer online games, breaking new ground and pioneering features and business models that are commonplace today.

It takes a lot of brainpower to succeed, though; Today, over 400 people from 30 different nationalities work and play at Funcom across our 5 studios in Oslo, Lisbon, North Carolina, Stockholm, and Bucharest.

We want to share some of our dreams, and tell you about some of our battle scars earned along the way

On March 20th, we invite you to join our colleagues Fredrik Martol (Head of Studio), Nicolas Roblin (Technical Director for Dune: Awakening), and Paul Vallet (Lead Gameplay Programmer for Conan Exiles) on a very exciting journey. They’ll share more about the challenges of developing games and take you on a ride through some of the most puzzling stories they had to deal with when it comes to programming.

Funcom inviterer til en spennende presentasjon med påfølgende bespisning. Mer informasjon kommer!


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