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BCG Platinion & Gamma


How can you combine your passion for technology with a career in management consulting at BCG?


Meet the digital arms of the Boston Consulting Group on Thursday, February 16, at 17.00 at a company presentation of BCG Platinion and BCG Gamma, part of BCG X.

Who is BCG Platinion and BCG Gamma, part of BCG X?

At BCG Platinion, you advise leadership levels of large, international companies on strategic IT projects to accelerate their digital future. Become part of the digitalization and transformation of the clients’ core business by advance their use of technology. BCG Platinion’s expertise covers projects around IT architecture, cyber security, agile delivery, and enterprise solutions.

At BCG Gamma, part of BCG X, you get to build solutions to radically transform the business performance of their clients, unleashing the power of large and complex data sets and fostering a culture of innovation and radical change. Their agile, self-funded, and AI-powered solutions ensure continuous improvement, focusing on enablement from day one, co-creating solutions with the client while building assets and capabilities 

Together with classic business consultants at BCG, they advise industries’ biggest players on their business-critical projects and challenges in international teams and settings – and offer internships and full-time positions in their Nordic offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki!

Join the presentation to get to know both entities and a typical case example – and join them for dinner and drinks to close the night!

Informasjon fra Bedkom:

  • Vi minner om at dørene åpner 16:45, ventelisten åpner 16:50 og presentasjonen starter 17:00.

  • I etterkant av arrangementet må dere svare på en obligatorisk spørreundersøkelse her på som er anonym ovenfor bedriften. Påfølgende dag klokken 13.00 vil det på bli gjort tilgjengelig en spørreundersøkelse som du må svare på for å kunne melde deg på nye arrangementer.


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