Itera - Internet of Things, Rise of the Drones

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken us by storm. It is talked about in conferences, written about in books and is the subject of pretty much every tech topic as of late. So what is it all about? Today, the Internet has never been this powerful; some JavaScript at hand and you can control your car, or automate functions in your home. But, it does not end there. What about the sky? In 1903, the Wright brothers taught us to fly airplanes. In 2014, the Internet will teach us to fly drones.

Come join us in this interactive course where we have brought with us a Parrot AR Drone 2.0, and learn how - with some simple JavaScript and Node.js - we can do amazing things over the Internet!

There will be served pizza from Peppes during the course. Afterwards, there will be a bus to Den Gode Nabo for beers and mingling.

Practical information:

You should bring your own computer, preferably with node.js and npm installed.

This is the GitHub repo that you will be using during the course:


Sirar Salih, Senior Software Engineer

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